Landhoppers, big and small

Landhoppers were jumping mad at the Open Lab today.  You’ve got to be quick to catch one of these.  These critters have a shrimp like appearance and can jump and burrow, fast!  They feed on decaying vegetation and keep the soil turned over and healthy.  (Photos from our session will be uploaded soon).

Landhoppers are crustaceans.

Common name: landhoppers.

Scientific name: phylum Arthropoda, class Crustacea, subclass Malacostraca, order Amphipoda, family Talitridae.


Toe biters galore!

Archichauliodes species Dobsonfly larvae were a popular find at the Open Lab today.   They are amongst the largest of our freshwater insects. These ‘toe biters’ appear caterpillar-like and possess gills along the sides of their abdomens.  The larvae are active predators of other aquatic invertebrates and have strong mandibles with which to grasp their prey. 

Archichauliodes species (CORYDALIDAE) its Marori name is puene.

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