These little guys were photographed at the pop up Open Lab session in Otari-Wilton’s Bush.

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Scientific name: phylum Arthropoda, class Diplopoda. From Greek “diplos”, two, and “poda”, legs, referring to two legs per segment.

Common name: millipedes.

Maori name: weri mano

Visit Massey University website to view their Guide to New Zealand Soil Invertebrates.

If you cant wait till the next Open Lab session to view more invertebrates try your hand at collecting them yourselves and view under a handheld magnifying glass.  You can simply scoop up a tray fill of leaf litter and a bit of soil (discard large leaves and twigs to make sorting easier).  Spread out  your soil and leaf litter sample in a thin layer in a shallow pan and try and identify what you find.

Or you can trap them using either of the methods DOC suggests in their article “Take a garden insect census“.

If you have trouble identifying your find or simply want to share you critter photograph it and upload it to NatureWatch.